Watch Technology

High Vocational Certificate (High Voc.)

Importance of the Program

Watch Technology program is a new and unique program in Thailand aimed at developing the quality of learners and providing high-class professions to skilled labor learners. Learners will acquire special techniques in watch repair, ranging from basic to luxury watches, including world-renowned brands and high-end and premium systems in various dimensions, such as mechanical, automatic, quartz, and electronic watches. All learners receive instruction from skilled craftsmen, experts, and leading industry practitioners with over 30 years of experience. Upon successful completion of the program, which spans 2 years, learners can advance to higher levels of study in related fields or pursue careers in leading watch companies, eventually becoming proficient business owners with stable incomes.

Characteristics of Learners:

• Completion of secondary education (Mathayom 6 or equivalent).
• Well-behaved, honest, and ethical.
• Physically fit for learning without hindrance.
• Have a permanent residence with proof of address, either through household registration or government documentation.
• Respectful towards the nation, religion, and monarchy with a pure heart.
• Have a positive attitude towards democratic governance under the monarchy’s constitutional rule.
• For those entering vocational education on the day of signing the professional apprenticeship contract, must be at least 17 years old and have the intention to undergo vocational training in the chosen field of study.

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